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Купил как-то по случаю номер Тайм со статьей о сериале. Выкладываю, вдруг кому-нибудь будет интересно.

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HHHI may be won or lost on the bock of a lime green mechanical bull. That’i what it looks like on a January Monday in Belfast, as Game nf Thrones films Its seventh season here. Certainly no one believes the dragons that have thrilled viewers of HBO's hit scries exist In any real sense. And

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Игра престолов,фэндомы,неспойлер,длиннопост

breathtaking vistas not of this world. The phenomenon is fueled by a massive worldwide apparatus that, in a typical 10-episode season, generates the equivalent of five big-budget, feature-length movies. Even as the series has grown in every conceivable way over the years—it shoots around the

ф production Wandering around the Belfast set, the scope and the orderliness of the enterprise is staggering. The wights, zombie-like creatures with spookily pale faces and dressed in ragged furs, form a tidy line as they wait to grab breakfast burritos. Outside the stage door, a few smoke

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IN OIOTOWN иш I nu WesXeros* web of Wes, secrets and betrayal grows ever more tangled. Here's where things stand at the beginning ot Season 7 Megan McCluskey SAM WELL TARLY Snow's closest friend trains to become a k maester of the Citadel FIGHTING THE DEAD TIGHTING FOR THETHROHE THRON

When Benioff and Weiss aren't shooting, they're writing. And when they aren't shooting or writing— which happens rarely—they’re promoting. The two make a complementary pair. Benioff, who wears his hair in a Morrissey quiff, is the more sardonic one. Weiss, with silver rings in his ears, is nerdier

Игра престолов,фэндомы,неспойлер,длиннопост

SO TIME July 10-17, 2017 i theater actor to among the ' most-recognized actors on i earth in part because the asexuality is quite absent! Tyrion thirsts for wine, seat and, crucially, love and respect! I As the offspring of a wealthy I and powerful family, the first I two are easy to come by.

Игра престолов,фэндомы,неспойлер,длиннопост

M| through that in their everyday lives. Stop making it such a taboo, and make it a discussion." Benioff and Weiss claim to have seen no other pos* sible outcome for a character stranded in a marriage to a psychopath, in a skewed version of feudal society. “It might not be our world" says

Игра престолов,фэндомы,неспойлер,длиннопост